What is a cookie and what is its purpose?
A cookie is a small text file which is sent to the browser and stored on your computer when you use your browser to visit a website such as ricciano.com (“website”), in order to be resent to the same website at your next visit.

Which cookies do we use and for what purposes?
Our website uses various types of cookies and similar technologies, each of which has a specific function. We can distinguish between two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. These cookies do not need the user's prior approval in order to be installed and used. Session cookies used in this website are: navigation cookies, functional cookies and analytical cookies. Session cookies are used just to transmit a certain communication on an electronical communication net, or just to guarantee the service required by the user.
Explain them below.

Navigation cookie:
From the first access these cookies allow the website to function correctly and allow you to view content on your device by recognizing the language and market of the country from which you’ve chosen to connect. If you are a registered user, they will allow you to be recognized and to access the services offered from the dedicated areas. Navigation cookies are technical cookies and are needed for the functioning of the website. In order to be installed, these cookies do not need to receive prior consent from the user.

Analytical cookies:
These cookies are used to prepare statistical analyses on the navigation methods of our website’s users. RICCIANO treats the results of these analyses anonymously and exclusively for statistical purposes only if the service provider uses the cookies to connect to the browser used or other devices used to navigate on the website. The website uses certain third party services which, entirely independently, install their own cookies.

Marketing and persistent cookies for own and third parties:
These cookies, that are installed by our website and by third parties, have the aim to create profiles related to the user so that they can send commercial messages that match the user's preferences showed during the previous visit or to improve the user's navigation: while you navigate on our website, these cookies are useful for showing you products of interest to you or which are similar to those you have viewed. In order to use this kind of cookies it is necessary to have prior consent given by the user. It is possible to manage persistent cookies also by denying the consent previously given, in the setting section of the browser (see section "How can I disable cookies and manage my preferences?"). Third parties cookies are the one sent by external societies. In some cases third part cookies consent to offer our commercial offer on affiliate websites (retargeting). We do not control this kind of cookies nor we can directly install or cancel them. Information collected with third part cookies is totally controlled by external societies according to what it is described in their privacy policy, that you can reach through the link indicated in the list below.

Social Network Cookies:
These cookies are necessary to allow your social account to interact with our website. For example, they are used to express your appreciation and to share it with your social networking friends. The social network cookies are not needed for navigation.

The user can manage third parties cookies and deny the prior consent through the browser settings section - see the following section "How can I disable cookies and manage my preferences?" - or using the links in the list below.
In this list you will find third parties that install cookies, persistent ones too, and links for their information privacy. You can also find an accurate description of every single cookie and how it is used, and links related to how you can disable this kind of cookies, by denying consent too.

Third Parties:
Abtasty https://www.abtasty.com/terms-of-use/
Criteo http://www.criteo.com/deactivate-criteo-banners/
Doubleclick http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/technologies/ads/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/cookies
Google Adwords http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/technologies/ads/
Microsoft http://choice.microsoft.com/en-us/opt-out
Adobe http://www.adobe.com/privacy/opt-out.html
Google Analytics https://www.google.com/policies/technologies/cookies/
Adform http://site.adform.com/privacy-policy/en/
Bing http://choice.microsoft.com/en-us/opt-out
Lengow https://www.lengow.com/legal-notice/
AWIN https://www.awin.com/gb/legal/privacy-policy
Rakuten Marketing https://rakutenmarketing.com/legal-notices/services-privacy-policy
Hotjar https://www.hotjar.com/opt-out" target="_blank
Richrelevance http://www.richrelevance.com/privacy/opt-out/
Fanplayr https://fanplayr.com/files/en/Fanplayr-Privacy-Policy-Mar-2017.pdf
Nexage http://www.nexage.it/privacy.htm
Rubicon http://rubiconproject.com/privacy/consumer-online-profile-and-opt-out/
Taboola https://www.taboola.com/cookie-policy
Teads https://teads.tv/privacy-policy/ad-interest-manager/
Yahoo https://policies.yahoo.com/us/en/yahoo/privacy/adinfo/index.htm
YieldMo https://privacy.yieldmo.com/ym.optout.html
Appnexus https://www.appnexus.com/en/company/privacy-policy
Bidswitch http://www.bidswitch.com/privacy-policy/
Index Exchange http://optout.networkadvertising.org
Sharethrough https://platform-cdn.sharethrough.com/privacy-policy
Sovrn https://www.sovrn.com/privacy-policy/
VE Interactive https://www.veinteractive.com/about-us/legal-policies/cookies/
Conversant https://www.conversantmedia.eu/legal/cookie-policy

The data collected by persistent cookies will be transferred and stored in Ricciano USA and Europe servers, according to the consent given by the user. These data will be analysed. Analysing means every kind of operation, done also without using any electronic devices, such as collecting, registering, managing, storing, referencing, processing, modifying, selecting, sorting, comparing, using, interconnecting, blocking, communicating, disseminating, cancelling and destroying data, even if they are not stored in a database.

The consent given by the user for persistent cookies and for storing data in the USA is optional and the possible refusal would not prevent RICCIANO services to be performed, nor selling contracts to be sealed. Disabling profiling cookies will also deny the consent to transfer data in the USA.

How can I disable cookies and manage my preferences?
The majority of browsers are configured to accept, control or potentially disable cookies through the settings. We nevertheless remind you that disabling navigation or functional cookies may affect the functioning of the website and/or limit the service we offer.
For more information on cookies and to manage your preferences for third party profiling cookies, please go to http://www.youronlinechoices.com.
To disable analytical cookies and prevent Google Analytics from collecting data on your navigation, you can download the add-on from your browser to deactivate Google Analytics: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

Below you will find the procedure to follow in order to manage and remove cookies from the following browsers:
Microsoft Internet Explorer:
1.Select "Instruments", then "Internet options";
2.Click on "Privacy";
3.Choose your level of privacy
Or click on the following link:

1.Select "Safari", then "Preferences";
2.Click on "Privacy".
Or click on the following link:

1.Select "Instruments", then "Settings";
2.Click on "Show advanced settings";
3.In the "Privacy" section, click on "Contents settings".
Or click on the following link:

Mozilla Firefox:
1.Select "Instruments", then "Options";
2.Click on "Privacy".
Or click on the following link:

Any additional information about the treatment of the user's data can be found in our Privacy Policy at the following link: